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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Sustaining Tomorrow! We kick things off by introducing the founder of The International Green Industry Hall of Fame , Sam Geil. He'll take you on a journey through his upbringing and early experiences in the green industry, sharing what sparked his passion for environmental betterment.

Sam delves into the challenges he faced when trying to persuade those around him to embrace the green industry, a journey that was anything but straightforward.


Next, Jo joins Sam in a discussion about what exactly the IGIHOF is and how the induction process works. They dive deep into the criteria for nomination and reveal how you can nominate someone for this prestigious honor.


But that's not all; they underscore the importance of involving high school and college students in the green conversation. You'll learn why it's crucial for young minds to take classes on environmental topics and become part of the solution.


The podcast then turns the spotlight on the incredible inductees and nominees of the IGIHOF. Discover why these individuals and initiatives are creating waves in the green industry.


Sam closes out the episode by giving you a sneak peek at the upcoming event in Hayward, CA. He'll also share how you can get involved and stay engaged in this exciting movement.


Thank you for joining us on this journey of environmental awareness and change.

In this episode, host Jo Franco introduces special guest Jay Easterbrook, a previous International Green Industry Hall of Fame inductee from Beneficial State Bank. Together, Jo and Jae delve into how banks actively support sustainability and their intersection with the sustainability industry. Jae Easterbrooks, a lender at Beneficial State Bank, explains their long-standing commitment to being a fossil-free lender and their triple bottom line and B Corporation status, highlighting their focus on the well-being of communities, the economy, and the environment.


The conversation also explores the Earth Services Team, an initiative compiling their efforts in environmental lending, and delves into the significance of financing renewable energy projects for a sustainable future. They discuss the challenges faced, the evolving sustainability landscape, and the growing awareness of climate change, emphasizing the role of technology in addressing these challenges and fostering sustainability. The episode closes with optimism for the future and growing interest among banks and the younger generation in environmental lending and sustainability.

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