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Sam Geil


In 1999, when Sam Geil visited Lake Managua, in Nicaragua, not only did he see a contaminated, polluted body of water but an opportunity to affect change and help shape the green, sustainability movement. Lake Managua is one of the most polluted lakes in the world, with a significant num-ber of people who live on or near the lake expected to survive utilizing this lake as their only source of water. During his tenure with Grundfos Pumps, Sam learned a lot about conservation and recirculation of water, which peaked his interest in the green industry even more.

After joining the family business, Geil Enterprises, Sam knew he had the opportunity to help make Janitorial Inc, and Valley Security & Alarm more environmentally friendly. Geil Enterprises developed a Green program (Geil Green) and significantly reduced their carbon footprint while supplying their clients with Green products and services. But Sam wanted to do more.

After attending professional Green Industry conferences throughout the United States, Sam realized that one thing was glaringly missing from all the conventions, conferences, exhibits and magazine articles; recognition and education on an international level. Those who were fortunate enough to live on the west coast, in the center of the Green movement, were reminded to be environmentally conscience on a daily basis. Cities such as San Francisco and Portland have become the advocacy centers of the green movement,but what about the rest of the world? Sam wondered how to spread the word about breakthroughs, innovations and achievements inGreen technologies and discoveries? And when were these pioneers going to receive the recognition they so obviously deserved? Then itcame to him.

His vision was to form an International Green Industry Hall of Fame

(IGIHOF), creating a non-profit organization focused on recognizing individuals and organizations dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint and improving the quality of life worldwide. To educate

and influence the next generation of world citizens about the eco-challenges we have today and in the future. This is the footprint and legacy that Sam Geil, Green Champion leaves us with and it is onebig shoe to fill. I will take that challenge, will you?

Sam Geil
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